Keep what marriage and family are most important?

&Nbsp;    United States, a new survey shows that more and more United States family couples that, child marriage has dropped to the lowest level on the importance of the family and housework to maintaining a happy marriage is becoming "very important."

     United States well-known research institutions, "Pew Research Center" carried out a survey about marriage and children, more than more than 2000 United States adults randomly conducted a telephone survey. Results found: 9 factors affecting the couple a happy marriage and children has dropped from 3rd to 8th, its importance is far below "to manage the housework" and "good housing," "income due", "life", "loyalty" and "shared interests and hobbies", such as several major factors.

     children even though many said they are pouring a lot of emotion, but they no longer believe that the child is an important factor in marriage. The survey also found that, between adults think that the main purpose of marriage is "sharing happiness and contentment" couple, far more than believe that the main aim is "having and raising children" and two views in proportion to the number of 3:1.

     United States expert, said: "today's marriage, as we live in a world, is a matter of personal satisfaction, personal satisfaction with personal growth and life. From one point of view, this view leads to marriage is more vulnerable because the couple feels not satisfied with each other, they will choose to leave. ”

     the findings raise a lot of scholar and expert on family concerns. "Popular culture and the adults enjoy the pursuit of pleasure is consistent, child-rearing values--such as devotion and sacrifice, stability and values such as mutual, interdependent, seems incompatible with the times, appear both old-fashioned and corny. ”

     survey showed that more United States couples believe that child importance in marriage has been reduced to a minimum, and the chores are becoming "very important." Family has always been "dirty" or argue about chores, couples would be to pay attention to, couples should try to coordinate with family chores, because the home becomes more and more important to maintain the marriage.

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