Relationship experts on leftover: blue-chip stocks such as Ning, don't touch a married man

35, Anna worked in a well-known foreign companies, heads of departments, have a car and a House. She also did cooking, looks quite draw your hand, the typical main hall under the kitchen, but I just haven't met the right object. Someone says, that is you ask too much, always wanted the Prince to marry. She felt wronged, sometimes want to go, they may not appreciate.

she said that before dating, once met a man who impressed, and the other is frank, said that worry about housing problems, says she doesn't mind the man living with his own House. The man is somewhat unnatural, not contacted her since. Later, she would learn, play without driving to appointments. Will eventually talk about the economy, they tend to have no confidence, even a man says: you are so capable, pinch after I'm afraid not! Looking for a wife, or get a better than their weakness.

and now she turned her head from the initial suspicion that talented is wrong? Yourself not non-rich people do not marry, but don't even have a confident man, then certainly not happy.

a House and a car, dating men dare not "plus"

Kochi girl

foreign white-collar workers

artistic female

28, Phillips is a fantasy of female Wen Qing, reading and drawing comics-loving, he became a freelancer after graduating from University, knowledge of nature is full of ideal age. Parents have been advised her to get real and find a stable job with the good boyfriend.

with these differences in terms of dating, Phillips and conflict between parents have never stopped – Phillips feel good, parents are not satisfied with the family and work; parents trustee describes the object, Phillips said the House symbolically present did not feel ... ...

so wasted, getting long in the tooth. Shortly after the Spring Festival, parents an ultimatum: did not find the right person to marry this year, don't come home.

spirit communication, many practical considerations

"it's to the point, wait for it. "This is the mentality of many older female, in their view, the most urgent" 98 "is over, watching the late, worry is useless, just" one mind "looking for a love.

29 years old leftover Chen's mother was a lot of root hair white, "she told me at the first sight, felt to be ... ... Where I find? "Daughter's tough words at every turn:" I find I don't like, I got away from it? ”

girlfriends understand Chen's thoughts: "Chen was the toughest type of leftover, I believe, with particular attention to details. ”

she cited several examples, Chen had a blind date, because he dressed in a turtleneck shirt fall clothing, regardless of all other conditions, "there is no grade, do not have the same aesthetic, unable to communicate." Another is because "a man actually small nails so long, mother sucks", and "the waiter is rude to all, must be a little educated people, is not acceptable."

on critical details, Chen dating numerous, but one into her eye. She worriedly told reporters: "no way, I can't really tolerate these problems. ”

attention to detail, always fastidious man not "taste"

feeling frustrated woman

a long love into older, get out of emotional distress

older young women like Zhou Fen, tend to be distressed. Thinks he'll be a year ago when the bride, but boyfriend split up after a year. "For 5 years without talking to him, he ran, I suddenly found that I was leaving. "Zhou Fen mill open face to go around asking herself has become a leftover, needed another" matchmaking ". "He seems to not walk out from the shadow of love, I do not know how to start. "She also tried to reach out to friends of the opposite sex, and when asked why she single, she said reasons, the other party has a look did not believe.

a died of love, into the older youth, many singles women helpless. "Suddenly becomes a female, do not know how to start looking for happiness, suddenly confused. "Repeated aftertaste of love in the emotions of sorrow, expressed disappointment at the State of is difficult to love, this mentality is affect the lives of Zhou Fen.

youth season obsession test abundantly, Kochi women as "fighters left"

precision of 38 is one of the oldest female in the interview, is of the highest degree, his personality and experience is "unique".

she in Wuchang, a University to teach, her best youth, dedicated to the Cobb, but time is not. From smallest to largest, are the parents of intellectuals requires her to their studies, which she had just read, and I do not know what love between men and women. Although heterosexual, also had the heart, but she didn't get through the ways, she has been a real sense of love.

in March 2011, precision to call reporters, saying that he, an associate professor in love with a prestigious online, seen after a few, she does not know how to express their love, in spite of his foot is injured, his Office on crutches to sweep. This dumbfounding style of courtship, with predictable results.

she said worriedly, she said with her "like a teacher, lectures are not looked up, the sound is very small there is no despot, dressed like a woman."

graphic   Peng Cuilin

community says

(according to the interview requirement, and some character names in the text. )

relationship experts –

Ning and other "blue chip"   don't touch a married man

"leftover tide" will threaten the siege within a woman's marriage?

Wuhan municipal women's Federation marriage family counseling expert Ding Xiaoli according to years of consulting experience that, "remainder" more and more, but a married man can't be considered as a third party. Because of marriage or feelings, and they have a certain desire, dealing with emotional issues and modern man "did not take the initiative, is not responsible for, and does not reject." When they select affair, prefers women who age is small, can bear the responsibilities of marriage and avoid further entanglements. In recent years a growing number of "leftover" become a reason of emotional vacuum.

she recommends "leftover" who would rather stick to find what you want, "blue chip", not to touch a married man.

women's Federation publicity Bureau Chen Xin, Wuhan City revealed that women's federations have long focused on women's and children's rights, but the main concern in the marriage and in the family. "Remainder" is a social phenomenon outside of marriage and family in recent years, there is no special attention and service in recent years. This month, the women's Federation will be women and children's Center "happy home" services for unmarried women of psychological counseling, marriage, the one-stop service to provide warm.

psychologist –

"hope for the big generation"   lack of independence

counselor, Hubei Province, Deputy Secretary General, Lu Jian, a professor at Wuhan University believes that, in addition to the conception of love and marriage opened, increasing social tolerance, women's diversity, there is an important reason, leftover force 70, generation is "hope for the big generation." These people are first generation of only children, grew up in the care of parents dote on and even replace growing up, a lot of things in life are the parents.

just love this kind of thing parents are no substitute, in growth, they lack the ability to solve problems independently and experience, so I have to watch the rest. Regardless of the reason is because they left home, because the character, Maverick, also because of the "highly educated, high income, high age", but the most basic reason is that people who are both active and passive rest, are some distance from the and community, acceptance is not high enough.

those with Chinese characteristics "leftover" cause with Chinese characteristics will, many parents going to war for generation of dating. They feel the child to the age of marriage was "left", it is their responsibility.

General Hospital campus counseling psychologist Wei Lin said in her admissions of more than more than 400 cases, no one is "leftover" to ask for help, instead of "leftover" parents there are several. Because of traditional gender, male parents can more directly express my anxiety, her parents had to hide deeper. The other hand, male "leftover" directly related to family, women are relatively less pressure.

sociologists –

"leftover" label is a lack of respect for

Huazhong Normal University Sociology Professor Mei Zhenggang believes that for this group of people labeled as "left" as a label, a lack of respect is unfair. See all over the world, age at first marriage coming up which is also a trend, how to choose more carefully approach to marriage. But in the long run, more leftover leftover, it does more harm than good, pay attention to the balance of yin and Yang in nature the way, marriage is still the mainstream lifestyle, free from social norms if single, easy to produce psychological problems.

our tradition is, ladies starting from 76 men starting at age 98, will face pressure to marry, but missed the age groups are actually on the rise, there are two main reasons: the first generation, lives more independently, self-awareness, more freedom in choice. Second, traditionally poor marriage age for men and women, generally men and big women small portfolio, dominated by middle-level it is easy to find the right object, while the few good choices are limited, and the rest is not surprising.

some dating sites and TV dating show did give some person with a mutual understanding of the channel, but it shouldn't be overstated, evolved into a completely personal behavior movement attracted many onlookers, like trading, it is easy to overlook the feelings of inner substance. New era, units of the past events are still very effective, guaranteed at least a degree of safety.

emotional problems –

appropriate adjustment criteria

large dating site, jiayuan emotional Gong Haiyan, the experts say, now female is usually some decent job, lucrative, high degree of   "three-high" crowd. They tend to be too busy career or academic and missed the mating season, or because "the sea water, but weren't" left left. Meanwhile, they are aiming high, not willing to improvise. Along with economic development, pressure on the young people purchase cars in the metropolitan cities larger, leading to some choice may want the other half to be able to solve some real material needs, a person's financial resources is highlighted in the mate requested, also led to a lot of people it is difficult to find an appropriate object.

some people hard to resist pressure from parents and society, choice is both urgent and blind. Some people had been living alone for a long time, cause a person has become a complete circle, others rarely come into their life or inner world. Some people have really think that even if it could not find the other half, a person's life is pretty good, so more reluctant to adjust criteria.

as the first Chinese matchmaker, Gong Haiyan recommendation: must not long leftover, otherwise it will be left. To adjust one's spouse, pragmatic, and select from the range of options. To active attack, don't wait for someone to pursue, especially the girls, Miss the best season, value, "color" will be undermined, people naturally smaller.

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