"$Literal" become the divorce capital affair most easily "tearing" marriage

&Nbsp;    Qingdao Sifang marriage Court yesterday held a special forum, invited to 10 to prepare for divorcing couples. Before leaving the Court, 5 of them on the spot said. Has long been engaged in the case of divorce the judge detailed interpretation of the four reasons behind the divorces to reporters, an affair is the marriage of the first "killer".

     derailed most vulnerable to "tearing" marriage

     "you filled with boredom, and even today is full of hatred here, I do not know if I can remember the stories you love, can remember the wedding vows? "Class began, square Court of Judge Zhao Jie did not move out of the three rigid legal provisions but to the heart. Journalists look a moment, when after hearing the sentence, with more than half of the party bowed his head, looks complex.

     "affair, infidelity is almost every pair of divorced people would mention things. "Zhao Jie judges think that extramarital sex is still the biggest killer of marriage. People's ideas became more and more, but also have the corresponding material basis, rent house, a hotel and even buying a House is an affordable, this hotbed of the affair stirs.

     "small three may be young and beautiful, but you have to remember, he (she) is an irresponsible person. "In the face of extramarital affairs, Zhao Jie said the experience in dealing with reorganization of married families rate is not high, because they are easy to take each other compared with his ex-wife or ex-husband, and children's issues and the former husband or wife contact met in contradiction of the fuse.

     in addition to an extramarital affair, three other major causes of divorce include: drinkers to commit domestic violence, other parents or siblings is bad, the economic independence of women.

     "$literal" divorce capital

     yesterday in 10 couples came to the marriage hall, 7 is the generation and the $literal couple. "3 years ago, generation marriage not so much divorce are limited. Now generation divorce some for decoration, furniture design, some to go home for the holidays, I said this is a real case, not a joke. "Zhao Jie, told reporters that nearly 3 years after the divorce rate is rising fastest. Sifang District last year over 16% is a generation younger couple in divorce cases. Generation mostly only children, was spoiled by his parents, tend to be unruly. Generation of tolerance in a marriage, tolerance is not enough, led to the decline of the stability of their marriage.

     and $literal are now in   "there is old and there is a small" stage, social and family pressures are greater, more divorces. Another case is the $literal began a successful career, a certain economic, increases chance of having an affair.

     Flash from the increasing number of lawsuits

     "male infidelity and domestic violence more, so the woman filing for divorce slightly more than men. "Judge Zhao Jie, told reporters, according to the statistics, about 60% 's divorce case is the woman sued. Having children in the couple's divorce proceedings, 80% per cent of women have strongly requested custody, but after the win child custody, female remarriage would be more difficult to increase.

     a few years ago, everyone was still talking about divorce rates increased, and now that Flash has not surprisingly, one year, one month, minimum age of marriage or even only a few days, it is often said that "7 year itch" obvious ahead of time. Lots of Flash from behind the Flash. Both rush into marriage without fully understanding before marriage, married life habits, values and other aspects of the conflict exposed, divorce was inevitable.

     case   Affairs in Exchange for "Flash"

     Li Xue (a pseudonym), 51, an accountant in a company, my husband very white. Li Xue think life without passion, met a recently divorced taxi driver. Two people in love at first sight, and had an extramarital affair. Li Xue found an excuse to quarrel with husbands run away from home, eventually forcing husband and divorced themselves.

     soon, she got married and the taxi driver. Fresh a few days later, the nightmare had begun. Contact go where, and who must report, SMS monitoring, salaries and bonuses uniform turned slightly, the husband of her fists. Li Xue Finally fed up with going to run away and was caught her husband forced her to write ious. Li Xue filing for divorce, the man threatened divorce online naked Li Xue is reproduced as received, Li Xue always scared to see him, not even judges informed her to divorce her appeared. Under the auspices of ultimately in court divorce, Li Xuejing home. Li Xue from divorce to second got married 3 months, from a second marriage to divorce and only half a year's time.

     voice   careful when "full-time wife"

     "in particular, I want to say to women, to live a happy, must be economically independent. "Zhao Jie said that divorce there was a universal phenomenon, the wife to her husband's career, willing to stay home with the children full time wife. "I most often heard phrase here is: you ask her myself, since she got married she went to class the other day, earning a few dollars, who's been raising her. "Zhao Jie said, full-time wife, and detached from the community for a long time, with the development of the times, both in thinking and in the family is on the communication distance with the husband. This distance will never rise from the United States, will be barriers.

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