Sheenah move on sentiment: of all the things I heard Jason

After following a secret love for the Peach Blossom Spring, after five years, Xie na again drama stage, starred in Stan new play the 13 character in "sister flowers"? A radio presenter of emotion, mother of 16-year-olds, in order to restore the cheating husband's heart, with small classes to learn every day. This is Xie na's first film after the wedding, after which she will again work with Stan secret love for the Peach Blossom Spring, this also means that she will be in play for most of this year on the stage. Sheenah explains that this is because marriage brings a sense of more space to do things like, "now at the very least without regard to economic problems. ”

play as long as they are arranged by Lai, I accept

the Beijing News: this is your second cooperation with Stan, how do decide to play?

sheenah: Lai called me and asked me if I needed another drama, I said yes, even asked the role. He has sent me the characters introduced, I think that I should be his daughter (laughs) little rock, more suitable for me, but let me play the MOM, and "sex" ... ... Wait, let me think. But I think as long as they are arranged by Lai, I can accept, he knows me well, knows I can play this role.

the Beijing News: life do you like taking sister, has a lot of friends find you feeling confused, let you help them do something?

sheenah: a few of my friends will tell me, if not happy might say "Nana, we go out and play! "I will make someone High enough from High to very High, but I'm not going to say to him," we talked about "my side is not developed, might be able to talk to more people worse.

my talk is not a model, I am the type to talk. Met and I'm going to find my friends said, droning on. I think sister spent a wretched, she wondered, would try to find her husband's mistress, and if there are two reliable friends in her life, not to that extent.

not for ratings to poke others under the auspices of scar

the Beijing News: you be the host for many years, are often interviewed, met unwilling to answer the question, how do you deal with?

sheenah: outline of I won't let aides asked reporters in advance that you don't want to answer or do not want to implicate others, I will not answer. My show will ask in advance if guests do not want to mention the topic is, it is very secure, very good artist not afraid to poke his scar. For some ratings and hurt so many people, there's no need.

the Beijing News: what do you think of critical voices? For example, some people think that your style of "too busy".

sheenah: meet the criticisms you will be uncomfortable, wishing all started off by saying: "Wow, it's out of this world! You don't have any room for improvement! "I think criticism has two, wanting to make progress, one is pure attack. I am grateful, I know, Oh, some people can't accept me the way where you can adjust. All slowly fallen person is hearing several voices, or blockade around a bad voice.

marriage determined to play drama, from Jason support

the Beijing News: some people think that, your visibility higher than Jason, and perhaps more you help him?

sheenah: because I was already the happy camp host, he took part in the competition (Superboy). I talk to him together, themselves better, including my status, work, or even popularity. Good, life is of no use, and he helped me a lot in life. I think I thanked him over and he thanked me, take a hard youth, together with me, no reason to bear a lot of pressure and misunderstanding, this is where I feel very sorry for him.

the Beijing News: he lives what influenced you most?

sheenah: lot, acted, there, he gave me a lot of sense, I do a lot of things better, not like before, just as insecure as crazy chicken. Before I make a decision to consult with him, listening to him all things. I'm so determined to play play year after year, it is also because of him, I have on the economy depends. He also supported me.

the Beijing News: but he will pressure than you?

sheenah: there used to be, now it's gone. He used to swallow all the negative things, but now he has a very thick layer of protection. I am also, see false reports before I would say, "why do you say that? What Ah? "I will not now, just going to be too wide of the mark.

  Northern drift story

care before and are now disappearing in the air

when I first came to Beijing, let alone is "zero", is from the "negative" in the beginning, because I still owe the debt. Access to any of those things, I would think it is more because the start did not. May I is the one who can feel happy man, more a friend, find a work you can make money, even if it is a small supporting role, I think, so much fun.

then I am not start nor too high, you care about me, I would think, of course. Beijing now has more than 10 years, with friends, work, and their families, will continue to remind ourselves that should be more concerned about friends. Each night before finished home will receive what the teacher (he jiong) asked "did you arrive home safely? "I have not returned to him. Certainly up to it. But now I'm asking "did you arrive home safely? "Slowly try to conserve and cherish what you have.

I used to like a hedgehog, who has hurt me and as long as I want to protect the straw immediately stabbed me in the past. After married, something I think is no big deal, I also have one, that kind of security, not be expressed. Just like the flower I have a line saying: "Dear listeners, do you have the same feeling, that is, you care about a lot of things before, should vanish in the air. ”

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