How to marriage in the face of the peach blossom

When love dies, especially when both spouses work and life pressures, sex when the lack of freshness, middle-aged crises in this marriage life easier often derailed by a party event occurs. Devastating affair marriage, also has a great deal of distress to the person involved.

therefore, when the middle-aged, couples should learn how to give emotion for two fresh out of marriage "peach."

words, having an affair, most of the men are new have nostalgia, the so-called "red flag down, flags fluttering outside." Once the husband "sticky" to forgive her husband wives tend to target a link to a third party, even with double tender feelings to influence her husband, in an attempt to influence her husband so that he repent and regret, "abandon new involution".

among them, there are some disagreements between husband and wife, but since she usually acts as a wife and no fault, could not bear to hurt disadvantaged FAQI, or regulate pressure, not easily washed out of the marriage fence. While women are having an affair, often old, physical and mental, in spite of rejection of the husband. Therefore, women are having an affair, a greater impact on marriage.

couples should maintain good communication

"lack of marital up outside marriage." Most of the people having an affair will give yourself a reason to cheat, such as marital conflict, unsatisfactory sex and so on, these problems, couples too lazy to fix or do not know how to solve, rather than Escapist, to find a "gentle" simple.

in marriage, the following three principles we must grasp, these three methods will help to dissolve the marriage in a "crisis".

a, has good communication mode

maintain effective communication between husband and wife is very important. We must first respect each other and listening, and to fully express their true feelings and thoughts. When faced with differences, fewer complaints, accusations and commands, particularly not to discuss who is right and who is wrong.

b, handle marriage crisis

marriage in crisis, more from the little things of everyday life. Vitiligo increases when arguments boys, conflicts increased, couples do not want to stay at home, the crisis has come. At this point, you should deal with conflicts in a timely manner, and, if necessary, to request professional help.

c, both of us have the mental space of freedom

between husband and wife there is privacy, don't always read each other's cell phones, do not always "zhagang" do not trust each other tends to make people sad. Therefore, both spouses should have a free mind space.

when the party had an extramarital affair

couples found each other's extramarital affairs, home and ultimately, a war, most women's infidelity to her husband showed a crying, two, three, hanged himself, but in fact, much more fierce, often chose not to divorce;

men, on the contrary, to tolerant wife made the mistake, not to accept the "Green Hat", 80% will choose to divorce.

If you both want to save the marriage, right to the following---

1, not to dwell on in this matter. No matter what other says, to convince himself to believe that he (she). To make a marriage counseling, both to each other is to give yourself a chance to solve the problem.

2, not against a third party, because you play down his favorite person is to belittle him. You belittle him, he had no sense of guilt.

3, do not boast and not complained to friends and family, leaders, this is the couple's privacy. Party to cheat or no going back, only to divorce.

4, take care of yourself, turn your attention to other things.

5, show you attitude. Not with a straight face, not to cry, you can tell the cheat you hurt, but not to his (her) past mistakes, make them feel the warmth of home.

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