Age gap between men and women affect marital satisfaction

Most happy age gap between men and women

in recent days, European scientists have done a survey, a key influence on the stability of marriage, age weight. United Kingdom University of bath Dr yimanniuerfulaniye 1534 couples was a tracking survey shows, best couples can maintain a strong marriage patterns are both highly educated and have no history of divorce, while older men than women over the age of 5. Researchers said the wife was 5 years younger than her husband is the least prone to contradiction of the above age group, their divorce rates for marriage 1/6.

in addition, a Vienna University study found that where a 4-6 years older than his wife, most of children; her husband is 15 years older than their wives, although the number of children is not much, but the most happy marriage.

in this regard, the famous Wang guorong marriage therapists agree. Said Wang guorong, the three happily married, became a pillar of the family firm. First happy place to meet women "three in one" wishes. Typically, Prince charming of women dream of both father mature, care of brothers and friends alive. While her husband is older, more mature, feeling more comfortable.

second happiest point, older husband usually has certain economic base, reduces the risk of economic disputes. Third point of happiness, fewer family competition. Older husbands, women naturally produce depend on feeling and sense of obedience, competition to reduce marital rights, friction and reduced.

when it comes to the disadvantage of such marriages, South China Normal University psychology professor Zheng Xifu believes, in General, male life expectancy is shorter than that of women, if the husband is much older than his wife, there may eventually be the husband died, the wife alone alone.

women and big man little happiness

the saying goes, "female junior hold gold brick", and in ancient China, small husband often arise. Today, the sister and the love is still love a without scenery on the map.

Wang guorong said the sister and the love of family is very happy, although some men age, but the psychological age is very mature, and his wife, although older, but the psychological age is like a young girl. These families, from the psychological point of view, similar to small family model men and big women.

other sister and the love for the family, is a husband with similar temperament, that is, less independent, wanted to continue the search for care by his mother felt. For such families, often has some disadvantages. First of all, both physically and psychologically, women age faster, while men in the boom years, easy to make family instability. Secondly, the aged have social significance, in the evaluation of conventional society, siblings love easily confusing and disapproval, or derogatory men "no man", or females "cows eat grass", and so on, which to a certain extent also on the family's impact on a wall.

good communication of the same age for men and women

now 49 United States President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, aged 3 years, 17 marriage enough to turn them into "perfect couples" category. Yue Xiaodong, a Professor of social science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong believe that age dating, and we did not understand the narrow age, but age the same, basically belong to the same generation. Wang guorong said, are men and women of the same age for men and women the same age than women or men under 3 years of age. So to speak, in the modern concept, this model is the ideal of love and marriage.

Yue Xiaodong made love, love is the basis of the two sides of the same age in psychological and physiological coherence, this kind of marriage is the most sustainable, with six major benefits. Is easy to set up a close relationship. Second, interact more frequently. Three are grown. Four requirements. Five friends and family support. Six equal confidence. In short, social experience similar to lovers of the same age, met life problems tend to share common goals, and long-running will make both sides thinking the combination and heart have formed common cognitive models.

"males and females of the same age has its merits, but also because equality problems can also occur. "Wang guorong said age formed easy too say equality rights between couples competition, may often be in" who's the boss "fight.

character more like love

"more than three types of marriage patterns have deteriorated, age plays an important role in marriage, but what really decide is not the age of marriage. "Wang guorong said. First of all, in English, "LOVE" is composed of a Latin sentence compression, the Latin is "love is a life sustained attention to others".

Wang guorong pointed out that the undertaking of the true meaning of conjugal love, that love partner in itself, rather than on external conditions, which we often call "height is not an issue, age is not an issue, appearance is not an issue." External conditions require less, love more secure.

Secondly, the study showed that closer love secure. Wang guorong said, people often speak of complementarity between husband and wife is, you want to have but did not, while spouses are in place, this is a kind of appreciation, not poles apart.

Finally, the substance. One is married, is the concept of integrating with each other; second, to education and Outlook on life. These are what decide internal factor of marital stability.

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