Must adhere to five middle-aged women in marriage line

&Nbsp;    box thing, may be a friend of mine said to preaching. Or, will also make a lot of sense to my old friend said that what I write is too cynical too extreme. Maybe, but truth is real, are also useful, not grasp principles of moderation and said hello I'm everyone's crap.

     , pay close attention to my husband all trends

    husband once derailed, people tend to point the finger at the outside of the little three. I'm here, also reaffirmed a principle mistake is not a small 31, your husband as a man should bear the main responsibility. Small errors, of course, but as a wife, you should reflect on their own. You don't even concern fundamental trends of the husband, and one day he had a mistress before you start to worry, first, your wife, is not worth his salt. In principle, the couple should be to what extent, should be a bit of trouble with each other that, this is a kind of tacit understanding between couples. Needless to say some words out, through some of the details can be seen. However, as people's attitudes change over the years, more and more importance to the match between husband and wife material, and ignore the spiritual match. So, I say, as a couple either, lack of understanding and concern toward each other, and the consequences of, all have an unshirkable responsibility. So, advise our female friends, husband to see before they happen.


     and eliminate stereotypical sense of the marriage of the second


     is still shaky when it comes to marriage because, for some reason, it goes without saying that stale, too dignified, looking for some fresh stuff. Of course, I say this is that both sides, spouses will perceive this trite, tired of life. Through a philosophical question to explain, some people may not believe, in the myth of Sisyphus, the author describes the universe of the most harsh punishment--that is repeated day after day of hard work. Every day is always a way, life is too old let a person see death, you say this life is scary. So, life needs to change, especially female friends for couples, requiring brains and make my life fresh. For example, a great many families, no matter how short, how long will take some time to travel.


     third, to make your own young at heart

      man looking for three big reasons, because life is old, but another big reason is because, wife of old. Aging is the process of with an irresistible, who are like that, some female friends are sure to refute, saying that author bullshit stories now. But, in fact, both physically and mentally, that is, some young and some old. This is an indisputable fact, the key is to see a person's mind, waiting and effort. Most cheating men also, but not by his wife's appearance, but because of his wife's State of mind. Married for several years, and wife Sissy little whiny was going to be a mother, you say the wife who would like it. So, anyway, a female friend to at least make his young heart.


      four, timely communication with her husband

      's lead uncomplainingly, many female friends agree, major women's Liberation feminist overturned these. Actually, whoever it is, should take the initiative to "with" the other side, the author said here "with" are actually the same couple. This is a must, the husband should try to move closer to his wife, his wife also move closer to the husband, it is each other. If some women friends, tough, refused to grant her husband any significant change, then I'm sorry, no matter what the cards in your hand, a marriage doomed to unhappiness.


     five, whenever a woman must be family-oriented

      for women friends, the cause is not that important. This traditional concept, related to reality. We assume that if a woman does not make money, work at home, no one will blame what, in turn, if a man like this, just amazing, I do not know how many people will chuojilianggu. Even a lot of people would strongly recommend divorce with this man. This is reality, and reality to the cause of women does not have any requirements, and male friends but demanding, you open the Audi family Big Ben, there is no shadow of pressure accompanying. So, for women friends, can do, and perhaps more secure his rear, let him go out and fight, giving him a platform as a man. Research realities, both husband and wife have both career and affection of the chances will be very large. For a man, he will not care about your career, but care more about your abilities.

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