Constellation emotion: 12 constellations marriage crisis

We have a better vision into the Wedding Hall, but married life was always likes to joke with people, according to everyone's wishes have been developing smoothly, and always give people a lot of tests. Some people are able to survive, others can only go to the end of the marriage. When your marriage crisis occurs? How to avoid it? Make you prepared.


critical period: first half after marriage

who does the cooking? Who does the dishes? The family who call the shots? …… Housework and the distribution of power will be in Aries when setting up a small family to make waves. If the husband or wife a sweet Aries, Aries, would have no problem at all. If not, Aries aggressive impulsive personality, would make conflict more bigger. If they want from married people become "Flash off" Aries and your partner should learn humility, sharing of family responsibilities and obligations, has something to say is the best policy.


danger: children families comes as

for the Taurus, in life – the most important deposits of two major property and children. Children who grow up when pulled hard into someone else's husband or wife, and also want to donate when their capital, Taurus has to say a psychological panic, ranging from negative emotions passed on to partner is depressed for a long time, have an exclusive on life, resulting in abnormal psychology. Both husband and wife work together to reverse the gains and losses of Taurus, Taurus understand children married after he will win more than lose.


danger: when a child is born

no children before two people lives, nor how much responsibility to bear, but after the baby is born it is different, not only to milk money, but also to wash baby diapers. Gemini has no consciousness of parents, putting her out is a common thing. In this way, all stress the backlog on the partner, partner not indignant? Relationships can be imagined! If married to have children, then in an unborn baby at the same time, don't forget to also being a parental education enhance the sense of responsibility to each other.


critical period: 30 years old

around the age of 30 is hard and the pressure of family responsibilities, cancer is the most frustrated. If you cannot understand his frustration and hard work, cannot be affirmed, he will hope to have other heterosexual "swoop". If there is a specific initiative to comfort him, so what is prone to episodes of. Wanted to let the marriage go wrong, then cancer and partners should note that mutual understanding and active communication in order to avoid "surprises"!


crisis: 40 years

lion career, career works no longer brings his passion. He needs a new "achievement" to satisfy his vanity, and younger show the advantages and attractions to the opposite sex, attracting each other threw himself at his trousers or under the feet, became the lion embodies "a sense of achievement" standard. The Lion wants to prove the charm, the lion's husband wanted to save their marriage, they must constantly reinvent itself, praising each other, let the Lions at home will continue to get "a sense of accomplishment."


crisis: menopause

Virgo prick to menopause are chicken eggs, a little to be desired, would be mad, all right. Much more, who would fire when the family back to a Word, war at home, and loved ones will turn into enemies. This is a very difficult period of time, as partners to be more understanding of the Virgo, about to laugh it off, marriage to a brighter future in the future!


crisis: after the wedding 7-10

at this time, between husband and wife has been too familiar with feelings also have children as an associate, so most people will be assured about marriage, in front of the other half don't care too much about image, fully exposed weaknesses. This aesthetic cleanliness of Libra is the most unbearable when inevitably secretly tend to taste or beauty of the opposite sex. To successfully complete this transformation, so couples need to find beauty, you need to create beautiful, keep the beauty of marriage will be benign and healthy direction.


critical period: 1 years or so after the wedding

naturally, just married you I Lennon Lennon, but wait, passion will decline, starting both circle of friends. But Scorpio is that "one man may steal a" person, he can be taken up with the opposite sex, but partner to maintain good relations with the opposite sex, jealousy, fearing that partner has cut in the past. Doubt and shaky marriage is rough, Scorpio couples going through this level, preferably into the circle of friends with each other, establish a mutual friend, and enhance mutual trust.


crisis: after the wedding 4-5

this period is the beginning of a boring life, husband and wife both work and child care, as busy as a bee, once the touchy-feely, hobby and leisure are all thrown into the Straits of Malacca, even words can't say. Perhaps partner can adapt to this life, but Sagittarius is idealistic about love lost, and retreated, so they may find another companion, find new playmates and romantic stimulation. Tell the partners that confidences should talk to each other, to maintain communication between couples can seek.


danger: when recently retired

retirement means loss of life for Capricorn, also means the loss of leadership for children (child had grown out of a family). Huge gap, will all lead to let him out on his partner, have strict requirements, in order to achieve psychological balance. This strong desire to lead, who was resisting, and conflict soon broke out. After retirement, Capricorn may wish to participate in interesting activities to divert attention, and partners should understand his transformation, and actively help him adjust down.


crisis: after the wedding 2-3

marriage brings a new experience at first, was surprised by Aquarius willing to share with a partner. After this period of fresh, Aquarius will be deeply the shackles of marriage, mentality of seeking freedom, and want to run outside all day long, which makes partner for a while how to accept? To complain more, tied more tightly, he went farther, marriage nature getting off track. Able to avoid crisis, should develop some common interests between couples, is more conducive to bonding each other as friends.


danger: child childhood

after the child is born, as parents will devote more attention to the children, but in PISCES but can make a fish out of water. When the child was a baby, loved a little more understandable, and Pisces also is fond of children. If the partner has more love than love him for a long time, PISCES will bring the heart of unbalance, over time will feel like extra people, showing great dissatisfaction towards marriage. Happy family of three, PISCES is more actively involved in the parenting role, is also a partner on the inner feelings of PISCES insight and reassurance.

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