The marriage was a long and bumpy process

&Nbsp;    Lantern Festival, also known as Spring Festival, every time this time, gifted scholars and beautiful ladies will fly under the street lights stopped, in order to guess a riddle, and look forward to a romantic encounter. White balls, sweet, much like the introduction of love. It was called Chinese white for Valentine's day, on this day, romantic with the right hand, has special significance.

     springtime love into the germinating germination time, some young men and women in love, longing, and ready. Back in May or June, emotional party politics will meet to join couples marriage halls, meet the watershed nature of life mileage at a grand celebration.

     Cupid was too busy shooting arrow way to guarantee quality. Today, permission to let go a lot of love, love the purity of greatly reduced. The excessive proliferation of love, sex and marriage are caught in a whirlpool of summary. In order to benefit, despite defying traditional love, love moans in pain, Cupid cries in remorse, cars and houses, accommodating the deep pain.

     love at first sight, represents the sharp rise of hormone concentrations, while the heart beats faster, cheeks flushing. However, if you want to get married in the traditional concept of need to eat a bit. In English "the bridegroom" (groom) stems from the term Indo-European, is intended to "slavery". The Bible ... in the old testament, Jacob cousin Raj in order to marry him, in Uncle Laban for seven years to live, but the uncle to his another cousin Leah. So he had to do for seven years before they finally got Raj. 14 years of hard work, for a love of perfect bloom, similar to this story, also abound in China's minority cultures. But now, all around us, more people would like to believe that it's only a legend. Some children still in school, not only to love with great fanfare into the threshold, but also eating the forbidden fruit. Some adults, unmarried cohabitation, marital infidelity, keeping mistresses, courtesy to go to bed ... ... No one seems to want retro, traditional Outlook on love and marriage, are impact pieces

     However, for thousands of years to form the laws of love and marriage not the indulgence of some would be turned upside down. The vast majority of people still in the pursuit of love, stable marriage, believing that "within walking distance", "the day died" of "new human" no matter how good I feel, it is impossible to lead the trend of the times, at most they contrived performance to indulge to play the last of their alternative fashion labels. Traditional courtship program, did not die, that is because marriage is also representative of the traditional social, political and economic relations. Marriageable young people in the society's important strategic location, to ensure their orderly offspring, lawfully inherit the family property. Anthropologist Robert e. Roy did a vivid metaphor to marriage: marriage is the nature of the relationship not only between spouses feelings of pleasure, but also for the consolidation of their industry, in between friendly conditions on the basis of a relationship of mutually beneficial cooperation.

     no laugh matter of marriage, being matched is just the measure of family background on both sides, their income, level of education and key responsibility for family.

     live is two people for warmth, but no one willing to stray wandering all my life, and ultimately return home harbour. Formal and structured engagement, obtain a marriage certificate, wedding ceremony, heralding a lasting marriage. When the families on both sides of a marriage for a long time a large amount of investment, also protected the stability of marriage. Career and wealth created by the couple, than a person one-on-one multiplied many times. However, when the dissolution of the marriage, economic community fell apart on both sides, in particular will cause deep harm to the child, the high cost of divorce is now the rising divorce rate, slow growth.

     how envy those who always through thick and thin, not abandon ground through silver wedding, golden wedding, Diamond Wedding couples, they take practical action interpretation of the "life" really means.

     marriage was a long and bumpy process, sweet is a valuable process. Hold your hands and grow old with you, for those of you who know how to love, cherish the marriage, is not a dream!

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