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Representative of North and Southwest bedrooms Western marriage, objects which can be placed in this position a number of beautiful wishes, instead of wedding photos. However some male beauty photos are the best down, half in love with someone else's moral, but provoke the peach for the other party. Generally speaking, in the Southwest on a wedding or honeymoon pictures, more shows the direction of the representative of people regard each other as a partner of the firm.


wedding room bedroom the bed should be placed photo: bed on behalf of mountain, Hill on behalf of group d, to representatives of mountain water, wedding picture on the nightstand on behalf of couple have a good love life. Wedding in the mountains, money on behalf of the two men have a lot to do with entanglement, but it also means good things on behalf of two people deeply feeling. Wedding photo cannot be placed in the right side of the bed, said geomancy right for "the White Tiger", this will be bad for marriage. Wedding photos should be put in the bed on the left that is "Green Dragon", and can make them marriage luck to obtain blessings and happiness.

therefore, the marriage room bedroom bed best displaying wedding photos!

living room wedding photos are placed in selected locations!

the main venue for receiving guests in the living room is the home, General owner's personality is reflected in the living room on the decoration and layout, can be seen from every host's taste. Wedding photos are a sign symbolizing the feelings of two generally immersed in love and happiness of all the people would like to put the wedding photos in the living room is very conspicuous position.

photo wall

"that day", will be the happiest moment most cherished number, recorded together, decorated with rich wedding the way they feel. Whenever I see these pictures in my head will emerge "that day" of happiness and pine!

photos of best decoration on the walls of the corridor or this is the couch above, both beautiful and adds to the warmth of home. Photos you want to use the same frames and mats to decorate the background. 5-6cm interval between photos.

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