How to resolve conflict in marriage

&Nbsp;    marriage is a big thing, but not everyone can have a good marriage, particularly in modern societies, marriage more questions the love more and more, and a lot of attention, is a very important reason. Numerology horoscope right after the hehun on people, if you want to get married, will produce a range of problems, such as mismatched often quarrel, can lead to emotional breakdown, and even divorce. So which man is not fit for marriage? What if married?

      in General, for marriage, eight rushing, g, hurting, and so on. Such people tend not to, inappropriate ingredients in Numerology, married or because concepts such as different language conflicts, or damage to health, or is often some "bad things" happen. Most of the most serious, when the Zodiac criminal. Square d generally square, square of which is a rat and a rabbit, Yin Shen Tiger snake has a monkey square, ugly is not movement of cattle and sheep dog square, Calvin l unitary Hai which is Dragon pig horse punishment, people square, astrologers including does not recommend home on some of the older they got married or partnership business, and so on. If you have a done deal, or feelings is better than isolation, it can only resolve through certain methods, or you will often encounter a lot of "bad things", there are many factors that affect the stability and happiness of the family, then, can resolve in following ways:



    1, as little as possible to square one direction, work, tourism, business and so on.

    2, Feng Shui can be seasoned with live location, such as members of square, victims are members, can live in the South of the room, so that my colleagues this afternoon as the fire, this reduces the harm to members. Others the same way.

     3, basis of 2 sense, can give birth to a baby can also dissolve the negative.

     4, or weak side matched the color of clothes, families placed the color of accessories and so on.

     5, injured parties do business if you can do and their phase and will be conducive to resolving adverse factors.

     6. This is the simplest method. Is worn after the opening phase of the Zodiac pendant, the mascot.

      basically, square (victims include g) methods of resolving these. We are the words, more about knowledge, selection has been made on some issues, ancient horoscope of choice under the first one will be much better behind than there is no need to resolve all of the resolve methods conducive to good. If you have square g hurting, that only resolved one way, and only in order to get along with people and the United States over. Wish you have smooth, healthy!

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