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10 ways to make outstanding wedding

1, choose simple and elegant the gown  

pick a simple dress. Remember, dress cutting, fabric quality and excellent craftsmanship are beautiful dresses 3 essentials. For example, with inlaid pearls lace at the neckline.

2, filming a group of black and white photos

color photograph can record details of the wedding, but the soul of black and white photos can be recorded to the wedding. A group of black and white photos can bring a romantic nature on such an occasion, and not for color distraction.

3, should pay attention to the details of the wedding

it is these details only became the party that would make the average luxury dinner. Just think, if lined up when the waitress serving cocktails to guests, they see each plate with pink rose petals you will be what kind of expression.

4, the use of flowers

at the wedding, you can use similar color or similar color varieties of different flowers to decorate. For example, the Crimson Netherlands rose with bright green dot may look simple, but if the match will produce very good results.

5, with some non-traditional ornaments

using flowers to decorate the wedding on the basis of the traditional, you can buy some good pillar candle, match the best color and theme color of the wedding, lit in the Crystal wind-proof container, ordinary said candle heater can also make us more pleasant.

6, personalized invitation design

wedding, invitation design can often find that the caution of the wedding or not. Suggest that you fold the napkin into a certain shape and in an envelope, and then insert a welcome card.

7, you can invite a Quartet

nothing more than hire a Quartet in the solemn ceremony of scenery. You can choose your favorite songs and keep track of time, but the best rehearsal one day in advance.

8, hire a wedding coordinator

  an experienced Coordinator to deal calmly before a wedding or appear in unexpected situations, and he can also buy flowers, hiring musicians, party and so on to get a good price.

9, delicious dishes

a good wedding to a variety of sensory stimuli, including touch, smell, sight and sound, of course, taste. Chinese food or Western food, depending on your choice, but would like to join in the ground, use separate utensils, it would be much greater than for ordinary Chinese food 8-10  dish elegant.

10, must insist on gown

there are many unique wedding dress lame guest destroyed. Be sure to indicate on your wedding invitations "dress" or "dress"

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