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Make a woman happily married four truths

Chinese women are not good at picking a husband, this is not the word of a lie. With the different levels of education, women, expectations for marriage is also different, especially a new generation of marriageable young women, have received higher education, marriage, expectations were naturally high. Of course, expectations are one thing, but this "expectations" would fit the reality, is another matter. Chinese women mate, often in several aspects of this rebuff.  

       first, believe that the future is not the spot of a man is the future man. Although I also had "picked her husband, spot futures men men less" sound, but to be honest, today's society, 80% man is neither a spot a man, nor the future man, but perhaps for a lifetime of poor sales backlog of cargo. What to do? This is reality! Therefore, the direction of a woman's life should be: how an ordinary man living their own mediocrity with a resounding success, rather than every day between spot and Futures wrung. After all, you will meet a future man is also a rare piece of good luck!  

       second, the Chinese women agree with this truth "love more, got more good". This is a big mistake! Of course, love requires skill, but love does not need experience, experience more failures more likely, because of all the love is exclusive, as good men as possible exclusion of women who love too much, love, woman of style charming man will only produce more good thoughts!  

       again, the women were all "only love", all love marriage. More young girls don't love money, because she hasn't experienced the bitterness of life. Marry for love, airness, this idea is wrong. Marriage is one choice of a way of life, rather than the game. But many women, when asked about reasons to get married, just one word: love. Then, after marriage, she found it tougher, after all, only love, life is not all.  

       Finally, almost all of them do not agree with the boyfriends parents themselves. Speaking of dating, most young people are Sniffy, found it too fall cookie cutter! When combined with the man's parents of their own choosing, which certainly felt no atmosphere! In fact, may not be so romantic, but find marriage dating is a safe way. Family background, height and physical appearance, academic qualifications, and even his family is there a genetic cause is able to know, largely avoiding the risk of marriages. For marriage, and this is by far the most affordable.  

       young, of marriage hold millions of ideal woman, and millions of ideal comes down to one sentence, that is: hope to meet a Prince charming ... ...  

      , of course, just so you know, this is the age of Prince is not rich, woman, to marry well, remember, to marry it!  

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