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Falling in love with a man 7 signal

1. When you are busy, wanted to open, waiting for her/his message ...   You're in love with her/his    


2. If you like to walk with her/his people separate ...   You're in love with her/his    


3. as you when I'm with him/her, you will pretend not to notice him, but when she/he is when you open your eyes, you will rush to find her/him ...  you fell in love with her    


4. when she/he is injured or sick, you will care for her, /he worried for her ...   You have fallen in love with his    


5. when she/he,  you will feel when you eat better and others do not know its ...  you have fallen in love with her    


6. When you see her/his sweet smile, your mouth will raise a little proud smile ...   You're in love with her/his    


7. When you look at the article and think someone   you/he   has fallen in love with her;

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