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What makes a wedding atmosphere

In many wedding guests remember your wedding is not easy, the following are some small tricks to impress your wedding:

1. put a disposable camera or the now popular Polaroid at each table, where guests can take their own photos, increase atmosphere. You can even let guests when the self portrait Polaroid, write on the photos they present words.

    2. put a note in the invitation card, and guests on the cards to write down on a couple of wishes or feelings. Then put it in the collection box for the party, the couple then read the blessing words to friends and relatives at wedding receptions, I believe the atmosphere will be moved.


3. photographer guests to speak against blessing said to cameras. After the wedding, you can ask the photographer to splice these precious fragment to your wedding on video.


4. place a bottle of liquid soap on each table so that guests can use to blow bubbles to your wishes.  You can also write on the bubble solution bottle you and his name makes this more interesting gadgets.

    5. using a small frame, dual-use for place card and souvenirs. I've been to a wedding and to see their photos and names to be placed in an elegant Silver photo frame. This photo frame, I can claim that. That feeling of excitement, definitely you want guests to be.

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