Marriage class

Needs reasons for marriage (b)

&Nbsp;     26. in fact, I love others. Why marry him, couldn't bear to hurt him. • Soft hearted woman – Sanya  

27. can't stand the self-appointed wind reportedly just got married, that they give up • Wu Na!--Changsha

28. the marriage is "a necessary evil". • Seeds--Taipei

29. the marriage is sacred and moving, in order to better moments, I can take any error!--Shenzhen, Zhu Dian

30. when love is insipid, can be considered married. -Wuhan • casual

31. only marriage can leave!--Office Lady

32. during the winter, sometimes wanting to have another person to quilt. • Never had so far--

33. a person as two people walk walking, two people than holding hands. --United States • Zhang

34. three of the gang of four who got married, I had to ... ...--Kun ming·gege

35. this family cannot survive anymore, why not another group home. • Chen Hong--Chengdu

36. because he owed too much money, had to body and!--• vine in Haikou

37. one day, when I looked up a gossip magazine, found one day next week to be implored, then ... ...--Hong Kong · Rita

38. She said that so long as I get enough to hold her drink restaurant will marry me, I did it!--Xian·liukai

39. because if you are too greedy, may not always pick up the larger stones, so I decided to marry him!--• Zhuhai

40. wedding photography in a 88 percent Yes! get married! – Guangzhou

41. life can depend on one person, who he feels, so get married! – Qingdao Zheng Yafang

42. that a polite young man to call me a "wife"! so I anger decided to let myself become the "wives". • Pe-Win--Hong Kong

43. after marriage in work on time pick up the backpack can be justifiably said: "I am going home with my husband!" --Xiamen · Anita

44. pick a quarrel with an opponent, sometimes out on may!--• three in Tianjin

45. terminate the endless appointments and wake up I do not know where. --Shanghai Yan Shaorong

46. He is the best choice, he is the most I can meet people who love me. --Nanjing Xin Ru

47. earn the first diamond in this life. --Shenzhen · Ingrid

48. following the previous steps, don't want to Maverick. --Li Jing, Hangzhou

49. Hey, that's when I was six years old has ambitions well established joke!--• water in Harbin

50. because he wanted to get married, I'd love to get married. • Mucha brides--Taipei

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