Marriage class

Need marriage reasons (a)

&Nbsp;   1. for the sake of my parents ' health: to drag on, it seemed as if they were worried sick. --Hong Kong · Al ly 

    2. who told us to read the first movie called "you are my bride" Zhongshan • Sun Mei  ,!--;

3. strange, everyone says I look like, so marriage became a real family for granted. --Beijing Li Xintong

4. one thing can teach like married people expect, excited, happy ... ... ? I am willing to try it. •--Shenzhen hongya County

5. a person's world is lonesome, looking for a date to accompany well. -Dalian • Zhou Xiaojing

6. one day suddenly found sadness, frustration, joy joy is not without his share, so I decided to keep him. • Sweet--Lijiang

7. for the treatment of a person "unrealistic" the strange disease. – Guangzhou Ouyang

8. find more intriguing relationship. • Kuangyuan--Zhanjiang

9. who want to taste the taste when actress?--Suzhou • Wen Xue

10. do older mothers. • Louise LV--Jiujiang

11. Why did I get married? ' couldn't have been simpler: because unmarried and married. --Zhengzhou, yangfan

12. my wedding there years ago to make a good wife. -The Shaoguan • Zou Yang

13. son said dad, you should get a wife. --Fuzhou • he

14. did anything, and marry only this thing done. • Shaw in Qufu,--

15. the superstitious people say every 9 to mean that marriage should not be. So, when I was 28 years old, thought if we made it through the last two years, is too unsafe, so why not ... ...--• Rui Lian in Yichang

16. the value of marriage is, and opened his eyes every morning, I can see the most loved man in this life, then use Kiss instead of shrill alarm ... ...--Shenzhen, r

17. when the elder brother and younger brother all born without a son, in order not to let the parents use that makes your hair stand on end every day of the year looking at you, in addition to being "born", how can I have any other choice?--Meizhou • Pang Jia San

18. broken that Chanel new pink lace wedding gown was beautiful!--Hong Kong · Joyce

19. trust me:!--Shanghai, set up is based on a misunderstanding of marriage divorce people

20. HA! on married or not, I just want to say, no matter what choice you will definitely regret it, so, of course, prefer instead of two life-long Shenyang • Hang Zhibin, Luo!--

21. based on considerations of economy, sexual interests. Despite the criticisms I'm not romantic enough, but actual 1 00% Oh. ——John

22. want to make yourself look a little more through a lot. --• T in Dongguan

22. the conquest I've first met the most tender and the most beautiful "enemies". --Foshan Masahira

23. playing tired!--• wheat in Shantou

24. just to prove to the others, I would still marry wives ugly man!--happiness

25. the marriage is for life, a major concession: recognition of youth is gone!--• Guilin Xiao Wu

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