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What exactly is a happy marriage

As they say, marriage is a pair of shoes, comfort comfortable foot only knows. As the only money, such as "Golden" delineation of marriage

happiness, in fact, absurd. Because, says her husband is the wife of "1 time" most happy marriage. Then, when the greater than or less than

and marriage is not balanced, happy now? Moreover, the ratio of the couple's income, considerably higher than these limits, or fell, Murphy

husband in private "second wives"? Wife went "pretty boy" become?

according to another report, the relevant institutions in the urban and rural sample of 3200 married couples, young, highly educated urban husband

wife love cry more conflict. Psychologists believe that the modern husband "men don't cry easily," the old adage about mainly due to men

live too tired to cry is to let off some steam. Just think, legally a wage under conditions of equality of women and men, already some of the city's husband, was

real burden at home crying to his wife. Under this scene, marriage experts emphasized, the husband earns 1 time times the money than their wives, not

clear the chaos, and the kiss?!

issues related to marital bliss, I quite agree United States anthropologist, hailun·feixier point of view. She believes that both men and women with class

background and experience, marriage life will be good. Marriage does not necessarily have to bear a lot of pressure. This in words, but maybe there was some "

properly matched marriage "of feudal ideology. But marriages don't take on too much pressure, said, it's true.

of course, the above "point to a happy marriage" theory, is not nothing. Once reported, a king named "young"

, left his wife and child to marry a rich woman is 11 years older than me, and make "sex slaves", "love the beast" and storm claims 10 million Yuan, the most

Hou, old classmates "jiede", said Wang vain, regardless. College looking for a rich woman to help themselves. I think, however,

this classmate Wang alone, does the expert have "2:1" that, unfortunately, deplorable and shameful.

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