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How to take good photos

Wedding photos is to marry the best monument, bald teeth shake when opened, can not only help you when sweet aftertaste, is also leaving for golden years mark and, therefore, how to shoot well, perfect, to tell you some key points.  

1,   photos the day before, the mood to relax, it is best to rest early, get plenty of sleep, and not to drink water before going to bed to avoid puffy eyes on alternate days.

2,   required to photograph jewelry, accessories, silk stockings, shawls, shoes must be placed properly to avoid temporary rummage. When it is best not to wear too much jewelry.

3,   the bride should wear a open front dress, white dress-for-avoiding, damaged the facial makeup and hairstyle.

4,   groom's suit should not be too fit, so everything is not convenient.

5 don't too much make-up, Bridal makeup, best makeup artist initiative, making the effect of lively nature.

6,   hair brides are advised to communicate with the stylist, choosing the right hairstyle, hair ornaments and flowers.

7,   new hair, Perm it is best to take pictures one month before the skin but also in photo a week before proceed.

8,   no matter what the age makes women more and more neutral independent, beauty is difficult for anyone to resist, especially play the role of the bride, who wouldn't want to beautiful memories on their most charming face? Now the wedding dress modeling skill is not to say turn corruption into magic, but it is becoming more professional, as new people really should be how best to use these modeling extraordinary?

     in front of the style of communication can help newcomers with stylists to achieve consensus. Is the modeling success to process. Before the communication, how do you do homework? New for wedding styling full looks forward to is granted of, but alone imagine himself by to of like, does not must can let styling Division understand, after all speech can expression of modality limited, recommends new can in usually read newspaper Bang magazine Shi more attention about, or to friends of wedding for template, if has himself is Italian of styling, may wish to retained down and in and styling Division communication Shi to of do for reference. Stylists also should make a corresponding action, preparing specific information as a medium of communication.

      in addition to the above replaced outside of vague words with pictures, couples and stylist made a number of recommendations in order to avoid misunderstandings and discrepancies between the communication process. For new, troubled by most stylists just wanted too much, too complex, but don't know what to newcomers. Recommends new people can play a professional stylist to power yourself to enjoy the ever-changing shapes, all kinds of fun with different beautiful, not too many restrictions.

     for the stylists, in some model examples of failure, the main reason is often the newcomer for the whole building could not be communicating with stylists, or ideas not intersection, at this point, stylists have their duty to clear the boot messages to express their ideas, through discussion and understand their taste for and gladly accepted.

     there are various types of communication, recommendations or professional advice, no matter what kind, is a professional stylist's ability. Because communication can be said to be modeling the success with two sides belting out one of the elements. Here, Wu reminded the new importance of try, try makeup with combs.

     wedding is a once in a lifetime event, whether it's photo day or the day of the wedding, not a bride did not want to leave his life in the most beautiful way. Under this kind of consideration, try, try makeup and comb it absolutely necessary. After all, good communication or more image control, or not on their own styling to direct communication.

    , styling trends in recent years, as with fashion still tends to be smooth, harmonious and simple. Makeup is the same, with the least amount of color to create a beautiful and natural and tend to personal makeup stylists this season the most important subject.

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