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On location wedding photography shooting areas in need of attention

Iridescent light using 〗  

photography's success depends, to a large extent on the use of light results. Light directly affects the color and tone, affected lines and shapes. Therefore, in the same spots, shooting the same scenes, if the light is different, it will have a different composition of photos of mood and atmosphere.  

  front light: the light coming from in front of the scene, scenes do not have shadows, contrast is small, its color, line, shape and atmosphere can be a real performance.  

  side light: the light from the subject on one side of the scene, the scenery will cast a shadow, and contrast shapes, lines, textures to highlight, to produce a varied composition. This is often used for photography.  

  backlight: light from the back of the camera features, features mostly in shadow, and strong rim light leaving the clear shape of the object, thereby creating a clear and simple picture.


  diffused light: this light, no obvious contrasts of scenery, the tone is flat and change little. Thus the shape, line, and texture of the scene is less obvious.  

〖 lines using 〗


lines are the frame of the composition. Any figurative works, are inseparable from the line. Usually up line role of has tree, and grass, and poles, and river, and wave,, different of line can to people to different of Visual image, as horizontal can said stable and quiet, vertical line can said solemn and power, oblique line line is has angry, vitality and dynamic, curve and wave line is weak, and leisurely, rich attraction; thick line heavy, light line light, rough line strong, thin weak, real line static, dashed moving, composition Shi can Hoang live to be using.  

pointing 〗 〖 expert  

in changeable weather, light, thus there is a need to   shoot more film, so that there are enough images for final selection of,  UV filter to protect the lens against rain and mist   intrusion, and minimize the coastal and mountain   the influence of ultraviolet rays. Different color lens filter   can have a clear tonal differences between certain colors of the scene.

〖 〗   the principle of composition;

learning through observation of the subject in the viewfinder of the camera's features and the surrounding environment, choose the best shooting point, to be the most satisfied with the composition. At the time of framing, composition, take note of the following:  

highlight the main  

before the shoot, to be like painting the former first "conception", taking into account the photo screen, mainly, where the subject arrangement. Then through light, color, line, shape and other modeling tools, to achieve the highlight the main objective.


Visual balance  

a picture of a composition to achieve visual balance photos, can give people a sense of stability,. Balance symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance two, non-symmetrical balanced composition, and more often than symmetric balanced composition is dynamic. Size, shape, and weight of the scene direction,   and color all have important effects on Visual balance.  


actual refers to the subject and space, clear background, degree of blur. Use means nothing more than hiding virtual show real, actual phase, the virtual bin firm owners, to Tobin. Its purpose is to highlight the main, rendering the atmosphere, enhancing spatial depth. Real, major is the main subjects the void, main subjects to accompany, to set off the main body, it is constituted an important part of the artistic conception screen.  

pay attention to the rhythm and melody composition, are subject to the same or similar forms of alternation, methodically repeating, forming rhythm; rhythm if show lines, comfortable, harmonious, dynamic change of ups and downs, became the melody, making smooth and graceful, lyrical and picture. Rhythm and melody is the key link of deepening the theme, include them in lines, colors, contrasts of light and shade.  

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