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Tell your wedding money trick

No matter which form you choose the wedding details control can you save a small charge, do not ignore them.  

book seats ahead

Linna has been married for almost 7 years. Talked about her marriage still remains in high spirits. She stressed in imparting their experience to new,  must start preparing ahead, reference prices in several restaurants and dishes, in addition to book I will have more room to negotiate prices ahead which give the newcomers more time outside each restaurant's marketing program, and more initiative in talking with hotel prices.

make the best choice

     Julie is a budget of housewife, this is in married Shi on early explicit clues, she to new of recommends is order Shi to note, as select more cheap and buy Hui of dish type, like suckling pig don't whole, to platter, seafood don't mouse spot, to red tuna, actually taste almost, again has is reduced dish type of number, actually as long as let guest eat full, guest is not mind has how many road dish, or dish type is how fancy of.

bring your own wine

     Diana Lynn's brilliant idea is to discuss it with the hotel to save money, buy their own drinks. And to get free wine corkage fees. Bring cigarettes, seeds, early guests enjoyed the sweet, she said, "do not underestimate these details to wholesalers as ordered, to prepare the much cheaper than hotels, good save a month's salary for me."

Note that the initial budget

     select price do not originally budgeted for the banquet is too big, because each table price difference of hundreds of dozens of thousands of different table, this is the Jin Lan intimate suggested, she told everyone can try to bargain with the hotel owner, deletion of unneeded items or offers, such cost savings are considerable.

not necessarily selected hotel is not available

    judY tell your friends, he was selected in the feast of great Hunan restaurant pendulum,  a table of only 880 Yuan, the same dish, the price is only half the hotel is definitely authentic prices. JudY account "I had put a total of 12 tables, calculated according to the table saves 800 Yuan, and this has saved nearly 10,000 yuan. ”


If the food and service quality assurance, you can listen to by the already-married friend, or the hotel familiar, if there is no way to only rely on word of mouth, can also be visited on their own time, review its dishes and service levels.

two days before the feast, held, can accept reservations and arrangements for the chef in the kitchen to see a face, sending smoke and some sugar, Hello, would be better.

any praise-free parking, there is no cake, reception table, seating cards, rigidly, and so on, these things does the hotel offer be sure to ask in advance to prevent annoying companies and hotels do not provide marriage situation.

best venue in advance, some newcomers don't like the guests to irrelevant, it requires the hotel lobby there is room for better separated, don't you think every cannot keep.

arrange seats and rows of 11 people at one table as possible when people, for on their wedding day will not, in case people too much, seats are empty it's hard to look at.

and in terms of price, usually more than 20 tables will have more discounts and comes with a lot of fruit juices or beverages, so newcomers may wish to talk to the wedding banquet restaurant. Might get preferential treatment.

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